Why the TFT 500 Is a List That Matters in ASEAN Finance and Real Estate Industry

Alfred Cardenas, The Financial Today CEO & Founder

Singapore • In case you haven’t noticed, a lot of business and financial websites and magazines have their version of lists and rankings. Inc. Magazine, for example, maintains its Inc. 5000 list which is a paid ranking of America’s fastest-growing businesses. Barron’s, on the other hand, has its Top 100—a list of America’s top 100 wealth managers who not only create financial plans but also manages clients’ money and investments themselves.

In Southeast Asia, it’s hard to find a list that focuses on what’s important for consumers and investors when dealing with financial advisors and real estate practitioners—trust. There are many rankings, organizations, and award-giving bodies that honor professionals who earn millions but it’s hard to find a list that ranks professionals by the number of clients who continuously trust and work with them.

Now more than ever, thousands of people who lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic are entering the financial advisory and real estate industries. It is both a good thing and a bad thing. I personally find it a good thing because it means the number of professionals who can help guide the investing public with their finances and properties is growing. On the other hand, I find it a bad thing because it also means that there will be thousands of professionals who are new in the industry who will preach about financial security or investing in properties without having their own financial and investment houses in order.

That being said, as a consumer and investor, how then can you find an experienced financial advisor or real estate practitioner that you can trust? As a seasoned financial advisor or real estate practitioner, how can you separate yourself from the rest of the industry and show your prospects that you are the right person for them to work with?

This is why the TFT 500 is a list that matters in this region. Instead of focusing and recognizing those who sell a lot of financial products and services or residential and commercial properties, our focus is to honor those who are most trusted, not just by the number of clients they had but also the number of clients who choose to stay and continue to work with them.

And in order for the TFT 500 list to live up to its promise, we partnered with different publications across the region and combined our own readership network so that the list will get to the hands of over 6 million people in Southeast Asia. Our honorees will also receive their dedicated profile pages so people can learn more about them as we understand that numbers don’t mean that much unless you know more about the professional you are dealing with.

The TFT 500 is meant to be a milestone for these trusted professionals who are on their way to more success. The list strives to be a symbol of trust for both the investing public and all finance and real estate professionals in Southeast Asia.


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